Behind the Scenes with Decorative Events and Exhibitions


Jo Robinson writes:

Earlier this week, the DCC team were invited to explore the warehouse of Decorative Events & Exhibitions.

For those in the industry who have a passion for creating an amazing theme from a starting point of just one colour, one piece of fabric or one prop it was a fantastic opportunity to feel like children being let loose in a candy shop.

In every isle and around every corner of the warehouse there was an amazing array of props, furniture and fabrics to see, touch and explore, allowing the creative juices to run wild.

Coming into their busiest time, the warehouse, while fun to explore, is run like a military operation with over 70 staff handling the designing, building, packing and dispatching of the theming as requested in the many event orders. Take this Friday alone (today) they have 27 event orders to design, pack and dispatch.

With such a diverse team including designers, builders, a print shop, seamstresses, truck drivers and so many more it was a wonderful opportunity to see how it all comes together and how Decorative Events & Exhibitions bring to life their amazing and creative themes and designs.


Cabot’s 2015 Australian Men’s Shed Association 6th National ConferenceScreen Shot 2015-11-25 at 4.57.14 pm

Jessica Christy writes:

Every other year the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) holds a National Conference to provide ‘Shedders’ with an opportunity to gather “Shoulder to Shoulder” to share information about their projects, ideas and achievements. It is also the ideal forum for those who acknowledge Sheds as being in the forefront for the advancement of Men’s Health to discuss the movement’s future direction.

This year the NSW branch of AMSA hosted the event in the Newcastle City Hall and Civic Theatre. AMSA CEO, David Helmers said “I am pleased to see the Conference in Newcastle, as historically the administrative base for our Association commenced operations under the auspice of Catholic Care Newcastle and the Windale Men’s Shed back in 2007. The city is a key part of our identity and AMSA is now recognised as the largest male focused organisation in Australia.”

Growing up in Newcastle, I witnessed the prominent role the movement played in the Hunter, along with the remarkable contributions the Sheds make to their local communities. I was honoured to manage the conference and encourage those who aren’t aware of what AMSA involves to click here to visit their website. [Read more…]