This Can’t Be Canberra….


Jessica Christy writes,

If your last trip to Canberra was many years ago for year six camp or you see it as a politicians hangout, think again….the capital city is far from what it used to be.

The Canberra Convention Bureau (CBB) warmly invited a group of professional conference organisers into the city for a two-day famil including twenty site inspections. You’re probably thinking it is impossible to fit that many sites into less than 48 hours, but with no traffic hassles and a plethora of venues and attractions just a hop, skip and a jump away means you can fit a lot into one day.

Canberra quickly proved to be an event organiser’s dreamboat. From one spectrum to the other, Canberra encompasses venues with great Australian history, such as the War Memorial, to quirky, fun and trendy restaurants like Akiba. It is the city that has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

A big thank you to Diann, Angus and the entire CBB team for organising a famil, that showcased our amazing underrated capital city and for completely changing the way I see Canberra.


  1. says

    Jessica so terrific to welcome you and show the enormous development and opportunities for holding your events in Canberra. It is the Cool Capital.

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